Church Street Market – Photostory

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picture 1

Picture 1

This is the scene that will greet you among your arrival to Church Street Market. The market is a one-minute walk away from Edgware Road station.  While it has stalls like any market, it also has shops selling various objects on the sides.

picture 2

Picture 2

This is what the locals call the household stall. It has just about anything your home would need.  If they don’t have it, you don’t need it.


picture 3

Picture 3

Anytime during history a stall selling vegetables has been found at Church Street’s Market. I used sepia with noise; as I wanted to express the old traditional aspect of this scene yet let the clothing show its true age.




Picture 4

Are markets in decline? This is the Church Street Market on a Monday. What would usually be a packed street of customers is almost empty. Are superstore chains making markets redundant?

picture 5

Picture 5

Wear it on your head or wear it around your neck, this market has no shortage of these stalls, giving you endless options, best thing? The products are updated every week to give you more scarves.


picture 6

Picture 6

What’s a market without a fruit stall? You’ll hear the sellers, fanny packs and all, calling out the fruit names in just about any language.  Some have been in Church Street for over 25 years!


picture 7

Picture 7

This would be the stall you pinched your nose closed while passing by as a kid, held your breath as an adult, or inhaled the sea like fishy smell (if you like that kind of scent). The fresh fish stall is always there.




picture 8

Picture 8

The bits and bobs stall, patriotic stationary, ‘real genuine perfumes’ that are a fiver or less, crystalised antiques that are worth the haggle.  Always the stall to pick up a good ol’ market bargain.


picture 9

Picture 9

Caution! Colour alert! This is every bag shopaholic’s dream, dangling bags in every colour and style. You’ll either get the bag that will rip in a week or last you 13 years (thanks bag stall owner who gave me my first shoulder bag, I’ve still got it).


picture 10

Picture 10

Just about everyone gets hungry while shopping; Church Street market will offer you an array of multi-cultural and international dishes. Be it this Mediterranean stall, Jamaican or otherwise.

Many thanks to all the stall holders at Church Street Market for their kindness and cooperation, as well as their good stories on their experiences at Church Street.