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By on November 8, 2015

22447220 The synopsis of the Series: 

Alyssa Gardner hears the whispers of flowers and insects, which you and I  might think is strange. For Alyssa, its a birthright. As a direct descendent of Alice Liddell (the original Alice in Wonderland heroine) she knew she’d become as ‘strange’ as every other female who came of age in her family. She’s the only one who had the sense to keep it quiet, from her friends, from her father and from the mother locked away in a Mental Asylum (where her own room awaits her). Descending into Wonderland to fix the family curse inherited by Alice; Alyssa finds no colourful characters or hospitable tea parties, but a dark and wild nightmare ruled and ruined by a Queen that has waited eagerly to extract revenge on a very curious family. From there the plot only thickens.  


The whole plot is genius, from the evil zombie flowers of wonderland to Rabid White being addicted to cookies and phone games. All the characters from our beloved wonderland are brought back in this fantastic adaption of Carroll’s original Alice. So much hotter, so much darker, and so much more fun!


“Insanity is the most pristine clarity. Let the lunacy in. Let it be your guide.”

– Ensnared by A.G. Howard


Got sent this book as a winner of a Goodreads Giveaway. I must admit, I had not heard of the book or the series before, and applied for no reason other than the fact that the book seemed interesting.





Everyone experiences that book hangover after you’ve finished a good series and I was suffering from exactly that (blame Shadowhunters), but when I received this book in the post, I was cured! I searched online for the series and found out that it was the final of three books, so I ordered the first two books; Splintered and Unhinged, and absolutely fell in love, I found myself finishing all three books within a week.

Ensnared put me into such a wonderland mindset, and I’m still in one right now. Especially with all the festivities surrounding the 150 year anniversary of the release of Alice in Wonderland this year. 

Firstly the idea of the series is amazing, it brings alice into this century, and Alyssa absolutely reminds me of the Alice portrayed in Avril Lavigne’s music video for Tim Burton’s Alice Film. Alyssa is totally kick ass, the skater girl, rock chic, princess. Very Avril Lavigne alike (totally think she’d make the perfect Alyssa if they ever made the books into movie adaptations)

As for Morpheous, I totally expected him to be the role of the Mad Hatter at first but finding him out to be our hot mothy Caterpillar was so much better.

This book, unfortunately, is the last of its series, followed only by a Novella book of short stories titled Untamed. Red and Alyssa two of the main characters, are a perfect portrayal of how we sometimes need to embrace our fears and bad qualities to know how to overcome them, and I think that was one of my favourite parts about this book.

Then we have the boys, oh the boys, they are just too good, won’t give anything away, but this book shows just how pure a love Jeb and Morph have for Alyssa, its not something we see often with characters who are lucky enough to be loved by two people (I don’t think they are right being labeled as a love triangle). Jeb and Morph show a pure and unselfish love, and thats one of the most beautiful things we see about this series and especially in this finale.

We revisit the memory train in this one and we find out so much more about the other major characters in this book.

I’d totally recommend listening to the soundtracks of both alice films while reading the stories, it goes perfectly hand in hand, as if tailored for it.

Can’t recommend this book enough, thank you so much to the publishers for sending me a copy.



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