About Me

Mariam is a 23 year old BA Multimedia Journalism graduate and a mediocre Starbucks Barista.

A self-described hippy and a certified fangirl and weirdo.

When she’s not fangirling or attending comic cons or crying at the theatre, you’ll find her reading or wondering aimlessly around London.

Mariam has a bookcase and several book towers with over 600 books, almost all of which are of the Young Adult Category and of that she is most certainly proud. She loves talking about the books she’s recently read and you’ll often find her trying to recommend her favourite book of the month to everyone she meets that month.

Her mission in life is to encourage everyone she meets in her path to experience the joy she has upon reading books; to her, this can only be done by Breaking paperback Spines.

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    December 14, 2015

    Love your new website and the incredible logo! Keep up the good work, and really looking forward to your future posts. VIVA LA BTIR.