We Tried Out Virtual Reality!

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By on May 2, 2016

Will Jordyn ever recover? Virtual Reality, the new hip technology on the market.

A virtual reality headset immerses you in a world of 360 experiences, games and simulations. The device is worn on the head and is usually accompanied or attached to another device. In this video we check out the Gear VR headset created by Samsung in partnership with Oculus. The device is fitted with the Samsung Galaxy S6/Note 5 phone series and its successors to give you 3D experiences and games.

If you don’t have the £80 it costs to get this particular device, you can get the Google Cardboard for a humble £5 online, the quality won’t be the same, but VR is one thing you will definitely want to try out!

Watch as reporter Jordyn Odell takes to the LSBU campus to speak to Game Development and Design student George Voicke on all the different types of Virtual Reality headsets available on the market and then giving it a quick go Jordyn tries one of the popular virtual reality experiences ‘Sisters‘ to give us her first impressions of the device.



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